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Curriculum Vitae of Val Jones

I am a Senior Researcher in the Telemedicine Group in the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Twente. I joined the University of Twente in March 1996.

Research Interests
Support of virtual enterprises and distributed teams through use of mobile and wireless technologies; ehealth and mhealth systems and applications based on advanced networking technologies, especially Body Area Networks; systematic software engineering approaches involving application of tool supported formal methods and modelling formalisms, exercised on realistic applications from domains including health and wellbeing and education.

Past Experience
I received a BA Honours in English Language and Literature from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. As an undergraduate in the School of English I had my first experience of programming (AlgolW, PL/1, Snobol!) when following John Pellowe's excellent Computational Linguistics course. The fascination with computing was combined with an interest in sociolinguistics whilst working on the SSRC funded Tyneside Linguistic Survey project, and a PhD Some problems in the computation of Sociolinguistic Data was the result.

After receiving my PhD I worked on the analysis of syntactic, prosodic and paralinguistic data using cluster analysis, and lectured in Computational Linguistics.

A four year spell as a Programming Adviser in the Computing Laboratory followed, before leaving Newcastle University to join the Department of Computing Science at the University of Stirling in Scotland. Here I worked as a Research Assistant on the ICL funded project Intelligent Business Systems, and later on the Alvey Project Use of Functional Programming as a Design and Prototyping Methodology for Intelligent Business Systems in collaboration with ICL, STC and the Department of Business Studies at Stirling University. The research involved the use of a functional language me too for formal specification and rapid prototyping. I was involved with technology transfer, which included developing and delivering industrial training courses given by the Centre for Software Engineering Technology.

I became a Research Fellow in 1989 and worked on the ESPRIT II project Lotosphere, working with other partners to specify (in LOTOS) and implement (in C) the OSI CCR (Commitment, Concurrency and Recovery) service and protocol. This involved developing and applying LOTOS-LOTOS and LOTOS-C transformations in order to derive a prototype implementation of CCR in C. Then came five months on the RACE TOPIC project working on methods and tools to support OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Conformance Testing.

At the University of Aberdeen Medical School, Health Services Research Unit, I managed a multidisciplinary team, and ran a Health Services Research project to perform an evaluation, including cost-benefit analysis, of a health telematics innovation based on use of optical cards to store and transfer the electronic patient record. I also ran the Unit's computer network (50 users) in my coffee breaks ;-).

Professional titles:
European Engineer (Eur Ing), Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS), Chartered Engineer (CEng), Chartered IT Professional (CITP).

Photography, cartooning, scuba diving, music, reading, raquet sports, mixed metaphors, skiing, table tennis, lists...

BÍtes Noires
Country and western music, whisky, football...